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Moving to a new home can create even more stress for a person than going through a divorce. It can certainly be a somewhat scary experience. One of the most frustrating things about moving is the physical process of packing all your possessions for a move. It can be a lot of work.

To acknowledge National Moving Month, and the related stress of this major undertaking, check out this handy infographic to keep the teeth-grinding to a minimum: Brentnie Daggett is a writer and infographic master for the rental and property management industry. She loves to share tips and tricks to assist landlords and renters alike.

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As REALTOR Robin Jones of Norfolk, Nebraska points out, moving can be a stressful experience. She lists nine ways careful planning can give you a stress-free move: packing central. Create a spot for your packing list, labels, markers, tape, etc. Make a Packing List. Write everything down! Before you pack anything, create a system.

6 Packing Tips for Moving to Make it Stress-Free. Start packing as soon as you have your moving date. Closing up just a few boxes more often will spread the work out over a long period of time. You avoid the mad rush of last minute packing, mitigating the risk of items being damaged or improperly sorted and labelled. And you reduce your stress!

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Moving Checklist: Tips for a Stress-Free Move Getting organized for the big move means you’ll need to start packing as soon as you seal the deal. Take a look at these great tips for moving without all the anxiety and stay ahead of everything that needs to be done in the coming weeks.

Clever Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Move Moving can be a dreaded ordeal. You set your move-in date, get excited about your new home, and then fear begins to set in thinking of the myriad belongings you’ll have to take with you.

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