prospective rustication

Institutions affected by scandals associated with deception may become less attractive to potential sponsors, prospective students and potential. also be thrown out through the window either by.

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Then they no longer remain students but become prospective political opponents,” he said. The university had imposed varying punishments ranging from rustication to financial penalties and hostel.

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Introspective definition, characterized by introspection, the act or process of looking into oneself. See more.

rustication) To give a rustic appearance by roughening the surfaces and beveling the edges of stone blocks to emphasize the joints between them. Rustication is a technique employed in ancient Roman.

The next series of thirteen photos shows the progressive rustication of the bowl. I decided to do a deep rustication so I worked the tool deep into the wood of the bowl. When the rustication was complete I used a brass tire brush on the surface of the briar to knock off the sharp points and loose pieces of debris from the work of the tool.

Consequently, much non-Italian Renaissance architecture embodies a fascinating blend of Gothic intricacy and verticality (including towers) with Renaissance simplicity and restraint. The leading region of Renaissance architecture in northern Europe was France , where the primary building type was the chateau (country mansion).

Rustication. Rustication (literally "to or of the countryside") may refer to: Rustication (architecture), a style of masonry giving stones a deliberately rough finish rustication (academia), temporary expulsion from a university (literally, to be sent to the countryside) Rustication (UK military), the process of posting a person.

The first floor "reads as a podium for the glass-enclosed floor above." Its "dark beige, concrete-block outer walls are given a hint of rustication by the intermittent injection of lighter-colored.

The verb rusticate means "to send to the countryside.". If you live in the city, you may want to rusticate your kids in the summers so they can experience a different lifestyle. In Britain, another meaning of the verb is to suspend from university, as in to be punished. If you get caught breaking too many rules with your practical jokes,