Roku is no longer a neutral platform after today’s Roku OS 9.1 update –

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Cord Cutting Today #28 - Roku OS 9.1 Update With New Features, 4 Cheap Amazon Prime Options, & More Roku Is No Longer a Neutral Platform After Today’s Roku OS 9.1 update monday march 25, 2019 @04:25PM Apple Arcade Is a New Game Subscription Service For iOS, Mac, and Apple TV

I don’t know how Roku was still considered neutral after adding branded buttons on their remote.

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Roku Is No Longer a Neutral Platform After Today’s Roku OS 9.1 Update.. they better be longer than that artist’s conception in TFA, because that will be less of a glide path than say, the Space Shuttle, which is a well aimed rock.. Roku Is No Longer a Neutral Platform After Today’s Roku OS.

The Roku OS 7.1 release is focused on BrightScript improvements, SceneGraph reliability, additional playback features, and extending the RokuTV experience for Digital Television. Here are a few features from our latest operating system release that you can start building with today: Roku SceneGraph XML

There is no DirecTV app for devices like Roku. There is Directv Now (DTVN) which is a different TV provider owned by AT&T that is intended for streaming to a TV. DirecTV and DirectvNOW do not interact as they are separate services.

Last week, Amazon and Google rolled out free music streaming services to cater to the growing base of smart speaker owners. Now, SiriusXM is going after this market, too. The company has launched a ne.

Apple’s services business is set to grow by 20 percent next year, boosted by its forthcoming Apple TV+ streaming service, according to the latest predictions by Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

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After the recent update to 8.0 , I have two problems: I have a Roku 2 Model 2720X attached to a Mitsubishi 16×9 TV that only supports 480p and 1080i. I’ve been using this setup mainly for watching series on Amazon in 480p. Problem 1) The roku auto detects 480p, but the displayed image is scrunched, 16×9 content has black bars top and bottom.

Roku is no longer a neutral platform after today’s Roku OS 9.1 update In the past, Roku seemed to be more of neutral platform compared with streaming media player rivals like Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV.

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