SEC Reviews Bond Trades by Hedge Funds, Devaney’s Firm trades-by-hedge-funds-devaney-s-firm U.S. Said to Prepare Case Against.

Navigation Section. “I personally hate subprime,” Mr. Devaney declared at an American. dealer in asset-backed bonds through his company, United Capital Markets.. His experience trading mobile home loans, credit card debt and. of risky bonds after the hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management.

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The Securities and exchange commission today announced insider trading charges against a New York-based investment professional who used nonpublic information about youth clothing company Carter’s Inc. to give the hedge fund where he worked a $3.2 million trading edge.

2 Regulatory Debate Although there is no consensus on the exact definition of a hedge fund the SEC notes that a hedge fund is “an entity that holds a pool of securities and perhaps other assets, whose interests are not sold in a registered public offering and which is not registered as an investment company under the Investment Company Act” (p.3 SEC, 2003b).1 Some of the investment methods that can be. trades-by-hedge-funds-devaney-s-firm U.S. Said to Prepare Case Against.

Japan’s crackdown on insider trading barely scratches. of leaking inside information to hedge-fund manager Raj Rajaratnam. Gupta, who will be sentenced in October, faces as many as 20 years in.

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SEC case Administrative action Earliest known enforcement case involving hedge funds First insider trading case in which hedge funds were implicated First class action against a hedge fund Light sanctions given the size of the damages and the scale of the violations Included a signicant proportion of the earliest hedge funds extant at that time Included the world’s rst hedge fund-A.W. Jones & Co.